Eco-friendly biomaterials

Sustainable, versatile, and durable enough to build the future

Our Team

Meet our executive team
Robert Mitchell Chairman

robert Mitchell

Bob is a globally recognized leader, mentor and lecturer, with more than 3 decades of experience in leading high-tech companies

Daniel Webster President

Daniel Webster

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur and has agricultural experience to go with his business and marketing experience

Jacob Mazon Director Of R&D

Jacob Mazon
Director of R&D

Jacob has more than a decade of experience developing products from hemp and his technology is a clear leader in this new industry.

Jarrett Webster CFO

Jarrett Webster

Jarrett brings financial and data experience to the team and is a key decision maker. Jarrett and Daniel founded and own a successful marketing agency.

About Avodah Naturals

Avodah Naturals is a biomaterial technology company. We focus on delivering eco-friendly products through sustainable processes. Our raw material and finished products have almost unlimited applications in a number of industries including construction, industrial, medical, and nutraceutical.


Our Story

Avodah Naturals began operations as a hemp company after the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp, By mid 2019, it became obvious that efficient extraction was a major issue in the industry and new technologies were desperately needed. We began to develop proprietary oil extraction technology with focus on scalability and cost efficiency. 


Jacob Mazon has spent 10 years and over $5M  developing and testing 100% hemp based materials. Starting with building material replacements. He has since taken the material to the extreme and developed light-weight product replacements stronger than titanium and carbon fiber.

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